A warm secret…

No one knows yet,
Nothing appears, and yet,
In his eyes, she gloats over still shaky news.
Imperceptible in the eyes of the world, in a haven of prudence,
You will never suppose that last night, between the bath mat and the earthenware,
She lived the most decisive moment of her existence.
One of those whirlwinds that unexpectedly grabs you and changes you forever.
For now, she is still. She grinned.
She keeps her little secret…
Standing on the subway
No one gives up his place,
She takes advantage of still going incognito.
She fears, she designs herself, she considers herself to the millimeter.
As you speak to him, his gaze is drawn elsewhere.
It is the interior.
She is burning to share with you her fantastic event,
The words pour in and threaten to come out unexpectedly.
Regretfully wait a moment longer.
She stamps her feet but keeps her little secret…
She is fearful it is just a dream, the figment of her imagination.
She kept all the proof well buried at home.
She only talks about that with her companion,
They strive to earn; that became the sole topic of conversation.
She’s worried that it will go away,
Let everything go up in smoke, a flash in the pan.
She dares not assume it, and yet
She already needs to modify the size of her underwear.
She thinks she’s going nuts, her brain never finding peace.
She reasoned, by brooding her little secret…
At work, with his buddies, in the street,
His whole body goes through its greatest molt,
Its character, its role, its identity,
Everything is turned upside down, converted.
Under the sweaters and pants,
Still covered, a little round belly,
Make the life that stretches widen,
Holds are the most beautiful of secrets:
A child.

5 Tips for a Zen move

A move is a great project, a promise of a new life, but it is also an ordeal to pass. Here are some tips for a stress-free move.
The secret: anticipation
The list of things to do for a move is long: paperwork, sorting and packing, choosing a professional mover, finding available friends, and renting a vehicle…
Our advice: start planning a month or even two months if you are in the high season.
Find the best date for your move.
Of course, the date of your move will depend on your personal and professional constraints. Remember to avoid specific dates: the day before leaving on vacation, market or garage sale days, the municipal festival!! Also, remember to warn your friends, especially if you plan to ask them.
Inform your neighbors, current and future
You won’t be able to avoid making noise, crowding the street or hallway, or using the elevator often. Better to warn your neighbors. They will be more indulgent and give you a better welcome.
Remember to reserve a parking space for the truck.
Arriving at the bottom of your building or in front of your new home and not knowing where to park while driving a truck can also be stressful and cause you to fall far behind.
Remember to reserve a parking space and request the necessary authorizations from the municipality or the condominium.
Plan the budget without forgetting the hidden costs
For a studio, the average budget for a move through a professional can be between € 350 and € 650 (1). The funding can even reach up to € 1,800 for a four-room apartment.
The cost of a move depends on several factors:
The volume will determine the size of the truck, the time spent, and the number of arms needed
The distance between the two places of residence
The number of floors and the presence or absence of an elevator
The packing or not of your belongings and the dismantling and assembly of your furniture
In case you move on your own, think about the costs of tolls, fuel, utility rental, not to mention refueling for your friends who will have deserved it!!
And finally, termination and installation expenses (mail transfer, technicians travel for the supply of water or electricity, etc.) must also be included in the costs. This is why we talk about the “hidden costs” of a movie!

Letter to my daughter gone traveling

My daughter, it has been a few years since you chose to take the path of this great freedom.
In search of the adventures that you could not have had with us, in your family, in your country. Go to discover these facets of yourself still unexplored.
Your words and images tell of men and women who, like you, thirst for the unknown in its most intense form.
I do not understand everything. I do not measure the power of what you are going through. The meaning you put in it, and how it shapes you. To transform you. You that I conceived in my belly, modeled in my hands, raised under my gaze.
What are you going to look for so far that I don’t have to offer you?
I watch you on my screens flourish far from me.
My flower, the one I protected against thick and thin, suffocating mother-wolf. My daughter hatches in these tropical lands, sometimes arid, always foreign.
I want to bring you back to me, to your family’s nets.
Keep you safe in my arms, curled up on my chest, singing to you how much I love you, how important you are to me.
There are days. I force myself to go on with my life. Without dying of worry. Without turning paranoid. Without harassing you. I do too much, and yet I seem to be so little present.
My words search for syllables at the height of this volcano that burns inside me, never succeeding in expressing to you what I feel.
My fears are love letters, bottles in the sea that will sail the oceans of every continent to reach you.

And you are always trying to run away from me.
To break my limits, the injunctions of a framework are too narrow for you.
Confront your chrysalis. The one that nourished you all this time, through which you became strong enough to find the courage to break it.
You dance around the globe, thousands of movements, comings and goings, little by little, to find a way out of this cocoon prison. Could you get rid of my mother’s hen shells?
Face the facts. I am no longer good enough.
We were mourning our merger. You are already running to meet this elsewhere that is taking you away from me. Discover you through the trials and the eyes of others.
My daughter, when you leave, you are proof that you have found what will allow your great trip through everything I have given you.
Strength, courage, flexibility, empathy, ambition, letting go, confidence.
And when you have finished this beautiful journey,
or that you need to find some stability, I’ll be there. Waiting for you with a big heart to collect your fatigue, fears, hopes, and landscapes.
I will always be your roots, those clinging to your belly that push you to take root to explore better, start again, grow.
Those on whom you can rest and find your support, your momentum, your balance.
Like the tree which draws from its roots the strength to deploy itself ever higher, ever further.
And even if life takes you to new horizons again, a part of you will forever belong to this land that saw you grow up.
There are birth grounds, wildlands, and host lands, all necessary to make you grow.
And when it all crumbles, hopes are erased, plans swept away, tears roll down your cheeks and fear grips your insides, know that there is a place where you will find some rest, some peace and love to bounce back better.
You will also like it.

I am going from steak potatoes to veganism, the journey of a vegetarian in the making.

When I was little, I hardly ate any vegetables.
My poor parents tried all kinds of strategies, though! Right down to the punishment and the threat – by far, that is probably the worst method.
I am traumatized for life by the tomatoes I was forced to eat.
I was a complicated child. I preferred not to eat anything rather than the vegetables in the canteen, where I was deprived of bread so that I could finish my plate at all costs.
In short, as much to say, it started severely in terms of diversity and food balance.
My meals were mainly composed of proteins, meat and starches.
This habit followed me until I went on a trip around the world…
In 2015, I discovered other tastes and cuisines. In Byron Bay, I found gluten-free and organic cooking, almost vegan. But I was going to buy myself muffins after meals.
I was always hungry. My body was hungry for fast sugar and fat!

“Ideally, I don’t eat meat anymore.”
February 2019, I am writing this message to my grandmother, where I will have lunch tomorrow. 4 years later, my relatives designated me as the family’s vegetarian.
I was already a bitch not to eat vegetables. Now I’m the one who no longer eats meat… Never like the others!
What happened in 4 years???
In 2016, I watched DiCaprio’s last documentary, “Before the flood,” in Quebec. I went for a walk, annoyed. One more documentary that drives home the point, but this time I’m getting into action!
Overnight, I decided to stop eating beef for climatic and environmental reasons.
A few episodes of deficiency, loss of energy because I go a week without meat but do not adjust my diet to compensate… First stupidity! Otherwise, the beef is not lacking at all!
French gastronomy does not make it easy for me.
2017, back in France, it’s more complicated. Granny’s good meals, mom’s forever cooking, daddy’s good steak. I still don’t eat raw vegetables, but I relax on vegetables step by step.
Fortunately, in my new circles of friends, many are already far ahead! Organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarians, vegans… Everyone finds their balance.
The first few times, I was even ashamed of being opposed to their healthy eating. Yet, they don’t judge me.
They didn’t try to convince me or prove anything to me!
As soon as I tried to convince someone of my cause and my vision, they stepped in. And that’s what happens when it is done to me too. It’s normal. It awakens our resistance.
Wanting to force an idea into someone’s head is not the best method in the long run.
To generate ideas in the other, envy, is the key!
They gave me a different way of doing things. They explained new dishes to me. We cooked together without pressure. It was delicious! It’s greedy, otherwise.
The truth is, if I had to kill the animals I eat myself, I would be a vegetarian.
This truth jumps out at me. A cat brings back its prey in front of me, kills it, beheads it, opens its entrails and eats them. Nothing will be left of the mouse. I turn my eyes, the tears rise. It’s disgusting and cruel. I know I couldn’t do it! Not if I have enough to eat.
So why leave this heavy task to others?
Like nothing, this whole process that puzzles me takes place in the shadow of my consciousness, far from my sight and principles.
This is followed by shocking videos that appear on my Facebook feed against my will. I insult those people who post these kinds of videos that keep me awake. But deep down… It’s me that I blame.
I can still hear that pig’s cries—the violence embedded in my retina.

In front of the meat in the supermarket, I remain frozen, disgusted. I don’t buy any more.
I don’t miss the meat. I adapt and discover new ingredients. I cook my little gourmet dishes rich in small vegetables and spices from around the world. I’m finding out how to cook tofu and all kinds of weird veggies for me. Some, I try to make them organic.
I almost gave up on the milk. I didn’t drink much of it already. Not cheese, nor dairy desserts. Replaced by the coconut milk that I love! Flavored vegetable yogurt too.
I’m taking trips to new Naturalia, Biocoop, New Robinsons stores and discovering new things!
Miracle, my skin problems have significantly reduced!
I allow myself a few deviations, aware of my choices.
Sometimes at a restaurant, with friends and family, I eat meat. Knowing that it is easier for me – for now – to eat fish than animals with 2 or 4 legs, this is often the choice I make. I have to eat meat once or twice a week.
I like to honor prepared meals when I’m invited. It’s hard for me to tell my grandmothers that I wouldn’t eat their meals when it’s an act of love for them. I am aware of it.
As I have done in other countries where I was disgusted by what was presented but which out of respect I ate.
And if there are no vegetarian options, today I choose to eat meat occasionally. In that sense, it was not a radical and firm decision that I made.
Between flexibility and free will! I listen to myself and move at my own pace.
For me, it’s crucial to make these choices conscientiously. Each time, I ask myself the question:
Do you want to make this dish and eat meat – or is it a reflex, an old habit? Why are you doing it?
I never liked extreme and radical choices. For me, it lacks consistency. I want to be in tune with my current needs, with my values, with my body. All of this can evolve (the proof). Nothing is frozen!
I realize that this is not the perfect diet the way you look at it. It’s my diet, and it’s the right one for me so far.
The goal is not to become a constraint that pisses us off daily and makes our lives unmanageable. I adapt.
What I take away from this evolutionary journey:
Listen to yourself, go step by step, at your own pace
Rebalancing your diet is not enough to cut out the meat.
To be in tune with yourself at all times
To please yourself! Vegetarianism is not a diet either.
Never say never. Anything is possible!

How to manage your budget well when you are retired?

Happy retirement couple
Retirement is a new life that begins. To take full advantage of it, it is vital to manage your budget well. We give you some food for thought to achieve this.
After a long day of work, who has never said to themselves: “strong retirement”? Rejoice: she is here! Now it’s time for a new life, full of surprises and beautiful projects. Except that to achieve them, you will have to (continue to) properly manage your budget. This is a capital point, mainly because your cash flow will significantly decrease when you leave the working world. Two examples [1] to better understand: an employee who has been at the minimum wage all his career and whose last monthly net salary was € 1,169 will receive a net monthly pension of € 866. For his part, a salaried executive who has earned around € 4,000 gross throughout his career and whose last monthly net salary was € 4,038 will receive a net monthly pension of € 2,871.
Define your budget
Declining cash flow means changing the budget. To do this, take the time to list your daily expenses (groceries, car expenses, clothing, etc.) and your income (retirement pensions but also life insurance annuities, rents, etc.). Then, calculate the balance (all of your resources – all of your expenses) you will have left at the end of the month, taking into account income taxes, property taxes, insurance etc. If it is positive, it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to save that amount or have it as you wish. On the other hand, it will be necessary to cut back on certain expenditure items if it is negative.
Reduce your bills
Do you need a landline and a cell phone? Are you sure all the TV channels you subscribe to are required? By keeping only your cell phone and the channels you like, you will quickly be able to reduce your bills.
Why not move?
Are your children long gone? Now that you are no longer working, you do not have to stay in the accommodation you chose at the time because it was close to your office. So why not move to a smaller place, located outside of town, with a hell of a lot of savings on your rent? Or, if not, have you thought about intergenerational sharing?
Check which aid you are eligible for
Energy check, personalized autonomy allowance (APA) … The site “my social rights” offers, via an online questionnaire, to inform you about the assistance from which you can benefit. Note also that if you use personal assistance services, you will benefit from a tax credit.
Take advantage of the rates reserved for you.
The rates reserved for retirees exist in many sectors (travel, stores, museums, etc.). Do not hesitate to inform yourself and thus indulge yourself at a lower cost.