How to stay in control of your back-to-school expenses?

The holidays are over. It’s time to get back to business, office, school… It’s a big comeback! In addition to the organization that it requires, back to school is a period that generates a lot of expenses. Here are some ways to better control them.
September is when many expenses accumulate: the holidays’ payment is added at the start of the school year and is expensive for families. According to a study by Famille de France, the cost of the beginning of the 2021 school year for a 6th-year pupil amounts to € 199.64, an increase of 1.04% compared to the start of the 2020 school year.
Establish a budget and limit expenses
It is essential to establish a budget and to respect it. Here are a few tips: Before you start back-to-school shopping, take stock of the expenses to be incurred, list the essentials and those you can do without…
. Take an inventory of school supplies that are leftovers from the previous year and reuse them.
· Also sort through your child’s dressing room. This will allow you to take stock of the missing clothes that you need to buy.
And to dress them up at low prices, think of empty closets, clothing purses and second-hand online shopping sites. They are full of good deals, and in addition to being eco-responsible, they allow you to save a lot of money.
And thanks to these savings, you can even offer him the schoolbag of his dreams!!
Check if you are entitled to back-to-school assistance.
The back-to-school allowance:
If your child is between 6 and 18 years old, under conditions of means, you must have already received the ARS (the back-to-school allowance) in August 2021. If this is not the case and in certain specific situations, you must apply or confirm that your child is still in school.
Contact the CAF center you depend on to update your situation.
The new passport aid
Because your child or children, aged 6 to 18, have a great need for physical exertion, new state aid has been created to help you finance your sports activities.
This is Pass’Sport aid, which allows you, if you are an ARS beneficiary, to obtain an immediate reduction in the cost of membership and license for a sporting activity subscribed to before. On October 31, 2021. Could you find out how to get it here?

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