Ten tips for spending less on vacation

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That’s it; summer vacation has finally arrived!! And this year, they will be well appreciated! Holidays, are we forgetting everything? Almost… Indeed, holidays could rhyme with carelessness, but to take full advantage of it, to have fun without the return to rhyme with annoyance, it is better to forget everything except to follow your budget!
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1- Before leaving, make a provisional budget: this will allow you to plan your expenses, to know when you can indulge yourself and to what extent, and especially to avoid unpleasant surprises by receiving your bank statement on your return.
2- Think about the guarantees of your bank card: Did you know? You can benefit from the insurance benefits – the cancellation, theft – and assistance included by paying with your credit card. Some bank cards also allow you to take advantage of the rental vehicle guarantee. This saves you from spending unnecessarily on insurance or assistance you already have. Check with your bank.
3- Avoid bank charges! If you go abroad, and especially outside the eurozone, banks apply fees that can be significant when you use your credit card, make purchases or withdrawals. You should therefore avoid making multiple purchases or withdrawals abroad. Plan how much you want to spend, make a withdrawal before you go. This will also allow you to respect the budget allocated to your vacation! Be careful, however, not to withdraw too large amounts in the event of loss or theft… A balance to be found!
4- Travel out of season: If you can, try to travel outside of school holidays. Wait until September, for example, you will save on rental prices, plane tickets, train, hotels… And above all, you will be able to enjoy the beaches, the mountains or the tourist monuments in peace and without the crowds.
5- Save on accommodation: exchange your accommodation with another individual and rent your home while away. These are good ways to amortize the cost of your vacation… Also, think of camping or homestay accommodation rather than ‘in the hotel. The locals will be in the best position to advise you on the best addresses in their region.

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