Find my freedom with dance therapy.

After twenty years of modern jazz, one winter day in Quebec, I discovered dance therapy. A revelation in my life as a woman, dancer, artist, entrepreneur. This dance changed my relationship with others and with myself and led me on a new path of personal development.

From the search for the perfect gesture…
From an early age, I am a baby who dresses up and sways to music. Like many little girls, I felt the urge to let off steam on the floors early on. I started ballet dancing, proud of my tutu. Then, the desire for a less strict framework pushed me to choose (modern-) jazz.
I ended up finding what I was looking for in a neighborhood school that recently moved to Montreuil: La Petite Ecole de Danse, which gives us the fantastic opportunity to represent ourselves each year at the Casino de Paris.
Far from being an outstanding dancer, during these lessons, especially in adolescence, I observe in myself a shyness in front of the group members, a tenacious fear of the gaze and judgment of others, and perpetual criticism of me. – even as for my level or my image.
Academic dance has a flaws in its quality: striving for perfection.
It is a sport, also an art, which pushes you to go beyond your limits, develop skills, and deploy the necessary means to achieve a goal: that of the perfect gesture. An ambitious mix of excellence, determination, rigor, and grace must respect the codes of the dance in question.
It’s a remarkable setting for that part of me that needs this precise, concrete work, where movement happens to be “good” or “bad”. This rational search for results where nothing is ever acquired and forces us to surpass ourselves. It is also a school of “beauty” where I learned the elegance of movement and the body’s aestheticism.
… In the expression of the fitting gesture.
I miss dancing. I went to Quebec for a year, and I want to try other things. While searching, I found this young woman, Angelique Amyot, who teaches dance therapy. I signed up without knowing what to expect. I want to move my body.
Here, no choreography, no imposed steps.
Nor is it some wild or shy nightclub dance.
I am simply expressing what is in the present moment. Merely explore, visit, play, feel and share.
Still, in search of that perfect movement, it is uncomfortable for me to completely let go and not concern myself with the gaze of others. Years of academic dance have conditioned me to a specific idea that movement must appear as beautiful, coherent, structured—and intentional messenger of a story to tell.
During these exploration sessions, we are together to bring awareness to our feelings and emotions.
Back in touch. To breathe. Observe inside and outside as well. Reconnect with the parts of his body, with the different spaces.
Travel in rhythms, nuances, intensities, subtleties, the abstract, the invisible, without any purpose other than to be.
No other gesture is more perfect than the one born in my arm at this precise moment and is moving through my body to emerge on the surface of the world, of my world.
Nothing else could have been expressed through me at this precise moment than this gesture that was set in motion and given to see, to share, to experience.
To be. Learn to be again. With me. With the others. With art and the moment. With emotion and energy. Without “good”, “beautiful”, “to please”, “better”.
A discovery that changed my relationship with my body, the way I looked at it. Also, my connection to others, men and women. A release from the automatic rhythm and melody that is in me. A practice that allowed me to contact dormant creativity, repressed emotions, locked-in pain.
Then I completely changed lanes.
When I first co-facilitated a workshop on the marriage between writing and dance, Tears in my eyes, my heart stretched out, my stomach radiating with powerful intuition, I knew. I knew I wanted to continue to share this momentum of reconnection and self-liberation.
I was trained to be a manager, then a consultant. I gave up everything to lead personal development workshops at the crossroads of disciplines, between writing, dance and hypnosis, where everyone comes to relearn how to be.

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