The European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps aims to enable young people to engage with communities across Europe.
Participation criteria
The “European Solidarity Corps” is open to any EU national between the ages of 18 and 30 (it is possible to register from the age of 17), regardless of their background and status – student, applicant. ‘job, worker -.
Projects have a duration of 2 to 12 months and are usually carried out in EU member states.
Are participants paid?
Daily expenses and transport costs are covered by a salary – if the young person is recruited as a salaried worker – or by an allowance – as part of an internship or apprenticeship contract. If the young person applies as a volunteer, he will receive pocket money, which depends on the country in which the volunteering is carried out.
A Croatian organization working in a conflict zone welcomes several volunteers from different Member States of the European Union. She organizes activities for young people from other communities to help them live together in peace. The fact that these volunteers are not initially from the region allows them to be better accepted by both communities and to have a more significant impact.
Following an oil spill in the North Sea, a young Danish citizen will assist the Swedish local authority in the worst-affected area for nine months. She will help the municipality during the cleaning of the site and the care of the animals. His accommodation, food and transport costs, insurance, and pocket money will be paid directly by the European voluntary service to the local authority.
After consulting his professional counselor at the local employment center, a young Greek social worker from Athens accepted a job offer to work in a refugee reception center in Thessaloniki. Over the next eight months, he will support a team of psychologists, social workers and teachers to help refugee children adjust to their new lives. He will receive a net monthly salary and a monthly allowance of 200 euros to cover his daily expenses and travel.

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