The 10 (best) tips for saving money every day

Save money
Save 10 to 20% of your income every month, mission impossible? We give you ten tips to achieve this.
1 – Avoid compulsory shopping
There is nothing wrong with doing yourself good, the saying goes. However, for the survival of your wallet, it is sometimes necessary to put an end to your impulses to buy. To achieve this, start by asking yourself this question whenever you want to buy something: “Do I really need it?” If you are unsure, wait a day or two before pulling out your bank card. This may be enough time to help you realize that this purchase that you thought was essential is ultimately not that much.
2 – track promotions
The best way to be informed of current or upcoming promotions is to subscribe to newsletters from your favorite brands and brands. Regarding online shopping, try to get discount codes that will significantly reduce your bill. To find them, type directly in your search engine “reduction code” + “the name of the brand or the site” which interests you.
3 – walk and pedal
Instead of hitting your car out of the garage all the time – which will cost you a small fortune in gasoline in the long run – use your legs if the place you need to be is less than a mile away. Between 2 and 10 km, get on your bike. Beyond that, get behind the wheel, carpool, or, if possible, use public transport.
4 – Sort through your subscription
One word of caution: terminate all those you rarely use! You will realize significant savings very quickly.
5 – Avoid letting the water run unnecessarily
It may seem obvious. Yet, many of us let the water run while brushing our teeth or washing the dishes. However, an open tap for one minute delivers a minimum of 12 liters [1] of water. Or the equivalent of 8 bottles.
6 – Make your everyday products
Why buy detergent, dishwashing liquid, but also shampoo or toothpaste (or even clothes or decorative items) when you can make them yourself at a lower cost? We will tell you how in this article.
7 – Repair instead of throwing away
Nothing is thrown away, and everything is repaired. Clothing, electronic devices, washing machines… It will cost you less to give them a second life rather than replacing them. Above all, since January 1, 2021, the law requires manufacturers to indicate to what extent the device they sell is repairable through a rating ranging from 0 (for those impossible to repair) to 10 (for the easiest to fix). Repair). While this repairability index [2] currently only concerns five types of devices (laptops, smartphones, window washers, televisions and lawnmowers), it is an excellent way to help you make your choices.
8 – Go to the libraries
Not only will you find something to satisfy all your reading desires, but you will also avoid overloading your shelves…
9 – Compare prices
Get into the habit of reviewing your contracts (energy suppliers, insurance, mutual funds, etc.) every year to benefit from the best offer.
10 – Take advantage of free access to sports equipment
Most cities and towns provide their citizens with many free access sports facilities: football fields, rugby stadiums, athletics tracks, etc. You will inevitably find what you are looking for without having to put your hand in your pocket.

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