The art of being a woman

“What is it to be a woman? “Question asked by Solenn Thomas, founder of EKlore, and these 11 women who will have the privilege of expressing their answers in words and movements. 11 multi-faceted sketches that made us laugh with joy and cry with emotion.
“The movement brings us to be ourselves”.
Indications of our desires. Breathing, a back and forth movement that passes through us right through, which frees us and creates space. A natural and instinctive impulse that dares to “be” and tells me “I am”.
Find the balance between the “mother” and the “whore”.
Never lose your rightful place between the one who takes care of others and the one who takes care of her. Female desire. The libido within the couple. Admit everyone’s vulnerability, lift the veil on our fears between males and females.
You are finding your “space to be yourself”.
Let go of external expectations to radiate our uniqueness. Reverse roles, play with parameters and dictats. Combine dynamics and impulses.
A woman connected to the Moon.
They are carrying in their belly this “forge of life inhabited by cosmos”, this “cradle of stars”. The “not wise, the savage” who needs him – the masculine – to give birth, give birth, and give birth. To accompany each other.
In this hunt for women…
… Fear is a feeling that the woman has to face in this ambient predation. We start hoping… what if men propelled us to our full professional potential instead of stalking us like desirable beasts?
To be reason and passion.
Between sweetness and desire. To be everything and to be nothing. Finally, be yourself. To be shadow and light. To be masculine and feminine.
Nothing will be more beautiful and intense than this woman in the audience who stood up to sing to us, trembling “a witch like the others” by Anne Sylvestre. I was shaking and breathing with her. I vibrated to the rhythm of the bursts in his moved and frightened voice. Impressed.

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