Have we killed our bodies?

Mind vs. Body. What if we stop acting like we’re apart?

Today, our studies, jobs, and society largely privilege the mind, analysis, and intellect – in short, the head!
For myself, as for my patients and clients, my observation is the following:
We are trapped by a high-performing and over-valued mind that desires to control every detail in this race for perfection and results. Endowed with a weak capacity to let go, to trust, and to listen to our interests.
A thoughtful head on an inert stalk.
We have forgotten the interest, the power and the simplicity of this body awareness.
This raw, innate, intuitive intelligence has enabled us to survive as a species and to thrive.
We have kept and over-valued the capacities of the management committee, and we have given leave to all the other departments of our internal system. And are we surprised that the body is derailed?
We have let go of 80% of our being, so we have depleted our potential for reflection and action. Our ability to adapt according to the context and all this information in our internal and external environment.
We tire of feeding a failed and incomplete system over and over again. All this does not allow new perspectives to approach the events from different angles and bring out other solutions.
Incomplete, cut, split
When the connection is planetary, we feel profoundly alone and lonely, empty and emptied. We have cut ourselves off from all of our potentials, from what we sincerely are. We are cut off from ourselves and consequently cut off from others and our environment, of course.
How do I relate to others on the outside when I already don’t know how to connect to myself?
In this collective and individual transition that it is necessary to undertake to allow other future perspectives to emerge, I am convinced – by my own experience – that it is essential to reconcile in conscience our mind to our body to finally access 100% of our unconscious resources and our unsuspected potential.
For my career, I have crossed paths with methods to explore this path towards our unconscious mechanisms that influence and manage 90% of our daily functioning.
Transform these patterns inscribed in the memory of the body and mind
The body, made up of its organs, tissues, cells, has been with us from the first days of our conception – from within our mother’s body. He was there at every moment. To live, to soak up, to imprint every event, every emotion that our mother or ourselves experienced, retained in our unconscious.
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Listening to your body sometimes means finding yourself in front of these unconscious memories and mechanisms – which nevertheless act on us daily, despite us – and slow us down, prevent us from being and working as we would like.
Listening to your body also means freeing up all the resources to be aligned and fulfilled in your daily life. Mobilize 100% of your potential to fulfill yourself and choose consciously the path that leads to yourself, this authentic path.
The body as an unconscious ally
This cannot be achieved without the impetus of the body and its resources. In my experience, techniques focusing only on the mind are less conducive to anchoring transformations in everyday reality in a sustainable manner.
It would be foolish to rely only on the mind, conscious or unconscious, to deliver the whole of the experience assimilated by a total and complete being, and to allow a profound change.
Thus, by discovering dance therapy, I could taste the power of the body’s messages, experiences, mechanisms, and hidden emotions – freely expressed through movement.
Access our unconscious areas of consciousness
In my research and therapeutic personal development experiences, I have sought to reconcile the two vital parts of myself, no longer thinking that what I am experiencing in my mind is separate from what I am participating in my body.
It is also not enough to express in your body without placing a particular awareness of the experience if you want to make substantial and lasting changes.
This is called “awareness”: becoming aware of…
An unconscious spark rises to the surface, like an air bubble in water, transforming into a brilliant idea in the conscious. EURÊKA, I got it!
The expression and transformation of this experience, emotions, blockages, resources can only be done by marrying in consciousness the two – the mind and the body.

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