Let us purify our language, let the intelligence of the heart speak.

Do we not understand each other because we talk too much? Too much with the head? Are there too many words in our sentences? Too many penalties in our thoughts? And not enough connection? Not enough sincerity and simplicity? Too little language of the heart.

The era of the mind is over.
Like many, I used to run my mind at full blast, complicating all situations with unhealthy glee. I liked to say that I was challenging to understand, even for myself. I liked finding cause-and-effect relationships, solving mental equations with many unknowns, dissertations going around in circles, dissections on several levels of difficulty.
Few answers, always more questions. It reassures us to be able to play mathematicians of reflection. Scientists of the intellect. Sounds smart. This way of thinking and speaking has only taken me away from myself, from others, from life.
“I don’t understand anything, you speak with your head, you are not in your body”.
Twice this phrase has come back to my life. Electroshock. “Yet it is clear what I just said. Are idiots or what? Sudden thought. Who lives in this body if I’m not there? If I shut my head up, what do other parts of my body have to say? And there, despite myself, they spoke more than once in a surprising, shocking, unexpected way that shook me up forever. I was faced with a fait accompli. I was not listening to anything my body was telling me. I didn’t know anything about the person who lived in my heart, in my guts, below my head.
How about we talk from heart to heart?
Let’s drop our convoluted sentences that justify why we suffer, why we love, choose this path over another, why we want to do this job. A few words, sometimes a word, would suffice.
Become a teacher, why? To transmit. Reveal. Sport? Transcendence. Challenges. Accomplishment.
Do not explain to me how the economic and social situation of the government is doing, which has impacted France’s educational challenges since the 1960s.
I couldn’t relate to you. I will hear some noise or read overlapping letters. And as long as it’s a topic that doesn’t interest me at all, the connection will be complicated to establish between the two of us. We will inevitably move away, sometimes even creating a conflict.
I want to love you.
I want to hear your heart sing. The stars shine in your eyes. Your guts vibrate when you tell me about the path you want to take in life. I want to join you in this place where you create the future. I want to resonate with you, just the shortest way. I want to feel the life that lives in you. To see your cheeks fill with warmth, passion, love. Your mouth moves to the rhythm of this momentum that is born in you. Your hands fly away in this movement of deep desire. I want to connect to your intelligence of the heart: the one who knows sees, and hears and feels everything.
Let’s pretend we don’t speak French, not English. Let’s keep it simple.
Maybe you can smile, dance, draw, act. I want to see you laugh to understand you. I want to see who lives below your head.

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