5 Tips for a Zen move

A move is a great project, a promise of a new life, but it is also an ordeal to pass. Here are some tips for a stress-free move.
The secret: anticipation
The list of things to do for a move is long: paperwork, sorting and packing, choosing a professional mover, finding available friends, and renting a vehicle…
Our advice: start planning a month or even two months if you are in the high season.
Find the best date for your move.
Of course, the date of your move will depend on your personal and professional constraints. Remember to avoid specific dates: the day before leaving on vacation, market or garage sale days, the municipal festival!! Also, remember to warn your friends, especially if you plan to ask them.
Inform your neighbors, current and future
You won’t be able to avoid making noise, crowding the street or hallway, or using the elevator often. Better to warn your neighbors. They will be more indulgent and give you a better welcome.
Remember to reserve a parking space for the truck.
Arriving at the bottom of your building or in front of your new home and not knowing where to park while driving a truck can also be stressful and cause you to fall far behind.
Remember to reserve a parking space and request the necessary authorizations from the municipality or the condominium.
Plan the budget without forgetting the hidden costs
For a studio, the average budget for a move through a professional can be between € 350 and € 650 (1). The funding can even reach up to € 1,800 for a four-room apartment.
The cost of a move depends on several factors:
The volume will determine the size of the truck, the time spent, and the number of arms needed
The distance between the two places of residence
The number of floors and the presence or absence of an elevator
The packing or not of your belongings and the dismantling and assembly of your furniture
In case you move on your own, think about the costs of tolls, fuel, utility rental, not to mention refueling for your friends who will have deserved it!!
And finally, termination and installation expenses (mail transfer, technicians travel for the supply of water or electricity, etc.) must also be included in the costs. This is why we talk about the “hidden costs” of a movie!

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