Do A Trek In Nepal.

Nepal & me
Hi, you are reading my column. I hope you are doing well. My name is Louisiane Leger. I am currently 19 years old. I live in Belgium, and I am of Belgian origin. Before I tell you about my journey, I will put you in context. Since I was very young, I have dreamed of traveling. I had the opportunity to tour several countries in my youth. For a long time, I have dreamed of going on an adventure, of moving around the world. After researching, I came across the organism Quinoa, and I instantly got hooked on the project. I eventually opted to go to Nepal for one month at the end of my rhetoric. We spent two weeks there volunteering in a center for placed girls, and I lived for two weeks with a Nepalese family. I still had the opportunity to do a trek despite the lousy weather.

Rice field
I loved this trip because I met the other girls who traveled with me before I quit, so I had people to rely on if I had a problem. This journey has strengthened us enormously.
What I like about traveling is the unpredictable. We found an abandoned kitten during a walk-in Nepal. We found an abandoned kitten. It was beautiful, and we kept it for the whole journey on foot. We ultimately gave it to the girls at the center.

The most difficult, for me, is the fact that if you have a problem with your parents, friends are far from you. A few days before returning to Belgium, I started to have lots of little buttons (at one point, we thought they were spider eggs yuck). I contacted my grandmother to help me, but she couldn’t help much, so I begged the people around me. A council does not hesitate to ask for help from others.

The city
As for the language, we converse in English with the Nepalese, even though I have a low level of English. Sometimes it crippled me a bit, but I still had conversations with friends from there. It’s always great to understand a few words of the language, and clearly, you learn a lot on the job.
Despite the misfortune these girls went through, they brought me lots of things. Their good humor and zest for life blew me away and permitted me to be as cheerful as they are. What, I discover, is felt very firmly in the photographs.

View of Nepal
I travel, and it makes me happy… why? I do not know how to explain, but these are moments, beautiful memories. I also enjoy meeting people all over the world. This journey has brought me maturity. I want to go around the world even more. I have also become much more resourceful.

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