Since traveling alone, I arrive at airports with this same feverishness, this stressed enthusiasm.

These places very often act as intermediaries between two stages, between two states. A moment suspended in time and space where I bring together my thoughts and emotions that speak of the country I am leaving, the people I have met, the things I have just experienced. This moment is so thin and yet significant, where the past, the present and the future appear to be perfectly aligned; “United-towards” this elsewhere.
It’s always a leap into the unknown, even when I return home, because the one I left in Paris a few months ago is not the one I have become. Just like my relatives. Subtle transformation.
Airports these platforms that give us access to time jumps.
As if I were flirting with the notion of parallel worlds, thanks to these few hours which float above the horizons. One day I will be here. The other I am on another continent, another pole, on the other side of the world.
Sitting in my seat, watching the planes take off, the sun going down, I’m on neutral ground where it all ends. Most of the time, when I fly to a new destination, I have no idea what will happen to me once on earth. A culture that is sometimes so different, the language, the accents, the customs, the smells, the colors, the flavors, the urban landscapes or the flamboyant nature. Everything becomes possible and accessible.
Airports, those gateways that transport us from one universe to another.
As if the journey never ends. Where each step is part of an excellent and courageous continuity. That of jumping into the void, saying “yes” to our fears, realizing that we hold the key to our future precisely by crossing the level of this portal. To have the incredible experience of living beyond our world, taking place in the hollow of this celestial vehicle that takes us elsewhere while taking care to defy any temporal logic by surpassing the myth of our species. Humankind’s greatest dream is to fly.
At the gates of the unknown permanently resides that peaceful feeling of gratitude. A benevolent certainty that shows me the path of travel, the one that walks towards me.

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