Why is traveling an initiation to life?

There are many ways to travel, each leading to a different experience. Each revealing part of ourselves is hitherto ignored if we listen to them carefully. From tourism to expatriation, including road trips over an indefinite period, traveling offers us the opportunity to explore the world and our inner universe—initiatory journeys that operate on the profound transformation of our beings.

Since the dawn of time, travel has been one of the first steps in personal development. In the past, in all kinds of civilizations, rituals of passage – religious or not – marked out and defined the journey of a human being. Symbolic paths carrying meaning and learning allowed individuals to evolve in their quest for identity and society.
Today’s travels are just as solid and significant transformation processes, markers of a “before” and “after” in our lives, as long as we know how to listen to our body and our mind. and let the alchemy operate.
Travel to get to know each other.
Going to the other side of the world or one’s country, alone or accompanied, for a specific or indefinite period, are life experiences that reveal many facets, often hidden in our daily lives. Our roots, our routines, our comfortable landmarks often prevent us from looking for something else, elsewhere, these minor characters, these nuggets of talent that hide deep within us. When traveling, everything is intensified, and sometimes it breaks out. Pieces of ourselves are shattered, and others align naturally, subside.
Our ears stretched out to our hearts.
Our emotions, inner impulses, desires, and journeys are emotional tsunamis that direct us to deep within ourselves. Emotions, feelings and sensations are pushed to their spasm in the face of these hurricanes of new things that fall on us. The unknown lifts the veil on our silent but festering wounds, our carefully buried fears, our deep motivations, our hidden dreams. Now is the time to welcome them, to let them take their place, to find their voice, to take care of them. What are they saying about you that you don’t want to hear? Why is it so confusing or difficult to let them exist? What are you afraid of?
Travel to take a new look at the world.
With the senses awake, this mental and bodily hyperactivity has everything to destabilize us and force us to let go of old thoughts, known models and well-anchored certainties. To travel is to dare to meet our anxieties, to face one’s demons, to accept being slammed monumental on what we thought was life, the world, people. It’s opening your eyes to thousands of other ways of living on Earth. It is to welcome strangers, strangeness, pains and happiness into one’s heart. It’s about learning from each other and being flexible. It opens doors and windows in your mind, takes a step back, and heightens your awareness. It is to communicate with a difference by experiencing listening, tolerance, authenticity.
To travel is to realize that the other is not a danger, let alone an enemy.
The other is me. It is also to realize that it is a complicated mental construct to assimilate, erected and held by a visceral fear of being at one with what frightens me the most: the unknown. I am always amazed to see that it is those who do not leave their homes, who never go out to meet others, who know nothing about the possibilities of living in a different system, who are most afraid of it, and who claim and fulfill with a frightening conviction their realities made of ignorance. Traveling enriches our minds with knowledge, our hearts of hope, our guts of common sense.
Travel to develop your dormant potential.
Sitting well inside, soothed with the outside world, our little voices – sixth sense and other intuitions – find space to unleash their natural vitality. They put us in motion on tracks, paths following our qualities and our gifts. Ideas are flowing. While traveling, we develop observation, listening, hospitality, daring, courage, creativity, recognition, autonomy, perseverance, the quality of our relationships and interactions. We learn, discover, cultivate our critical sense. We drink in colors, smells, practices, tastes, scents, different looks, a limitless source of inspiration.
We are rough diamonds cut from the rock of humanity.
We have been transformed, transcended by this abundant diversity. We have great di thanks to meetings, thanks to others and our tenacity to always be ourselves. We have so much to bring to the world, back to our countries or on the move to other continents. Knowledge, passions, knowledge and aspirations must be passed on to others. We are rich in wealth that is happily shared and multiplied. An individual and collective potential has remained dormant for too long, cloistered by invisible borders, mental prisons, barriers imposed by others.
The journey opens the field of possibilities, begins a powerful inner journey to find oneself with authenticity, and sets off a march towards a lucid future based on the experience of what exists and not paranoid thoughts of the world in which we live.

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