How to manage your budget well when you are retired?

Happy retirement couple
Retirement is a new life that begins. To take full advantage of it, it is vital to manage your budget well. We give you some food for thought to achieve this.
After a long day of work, who has never said to themselves: “strong retirement”? Rejoice: she is here! Now it’s time for a new life, full of surprises and beautiful projects. Except that to achieve them, you will have to (continue to) properly manage your budget. This is a capital point, mainly because your cash flow will significantly decrease when you leave the working world. Two examples [1] to better understand: an employee who has been at the minimum wage all his career and whose last monthly net salary was € 1,169 will receive a net monthly pension of € 866. For his part, a salaried executive who has earned around € 4,000 gross throughout his career and whose last monthly net salary was € 4,038 will receive a net monthly pension of € 2,871.
Define your budget
Declining cash flow means changing the budget. To do this, take the time to list your daily expenses (groceries, car expenses, clothing, etc.) and your income (retirement pensions but also life insurance annuities, rents, etc.). Then, calculate the balance (all of your resources – all of your expenses) you will have left at the end of the month, taking into account income taxes, property taxes, insurance etc. If it is positive, it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to save that amount or have it as you wish. On the other hand, it will be necessary to cut back on certain expenditure items if it is negative.
Reduce your bills
Do you need a landline and a cell phone? Are you sure all the TV channels you subscribe to are required? By keeping only your cell phone and the channels you like, you will quickly be able to reduce your bills.
Why not move?
Are your children long gone? Now that you are no longer working, you do not have to stay in the accommodation you chose at the time because it was close to your office. So why not move to a smaller place, located outside of town, with a hell of a lot of savings on your rent? Or, if not, have you thought about intergenerational sharing?
Check which aid you are eligible for
Energy check, personalized autonomy allowance (APA) … The site “my social rights” offers, via an online questionnaire, to inform you about the assistance from which you can benefit. Note also that if you use personal assistance services, you will benefit from a tax credit.
Take advantage of the rates reserved for you.
The rates reserved for retirees exist in many sectors (travel, stores, museums, etc.). Do not hesitate to inform yourself and thus indulge yourself at a lower cost.

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