Release your relationship with money and live off its abundance

A few months ago, a training organization asked me to speak about the vast, complex and almost taboo subject: daring to talk about money and getting paid as an entrepreneur.
Everyone around me was telling me about the Challenge Lilou Mace launched with his exercise book. Yet, I let myself be tempted not to follow this kind of challenge and personal development notebooks!
Today I will begin my first day: setting my intentions for the next 100 days.
– I intend to make a new start in my life and therefore to take stock of the previous years which were eventful.
– I intend to have a more creative, fluid, lucid and harmonious relationship with money in my personal and professional life.
– etc.
In the different practices proposed to anchor the approach, I have chosen: to share my experience of the Challenge, take stock of my day and…
… to draw a card!
The fool
First tarot card, number 0, where it all begins and is initiated. A card that symbolizes for me, looking at it, leadership, risk-taking and initiative.
The landscapes in the background remind me of the emotions of those of Canada and New Zealand. The character who soars into the void with confidence, innocence, faith encourages me to continue to do the same. Set me in motion, dare, act, take one step in front of the other.
Despite the incomprehension of those around you or my intellect, believe in your ambitions, in your intuition.
Materialize through action!
So far, it has always been successful for me, for my year of traveling alone, for my book published without having a shadow of hope, for my professional life where I launch myself alone to give LA, initiate the movement, allow the people I accompany to make their way.
Among my network, have some started the Challenge? What are your advances or your advice? Some have finished? Significant changes following this Challenge?
Each week, I will post my progress and my questions, hoping to read yours simultaneously. What is your relationship with money? With your clients, your boss, your family, your friends and your spouse?

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