What traveling companion do I want to be?

If I met…
In the street, in the metro, on the road, in a bar, at work, would I want to know myself? Would I have the taste (thank you Quebecois expression that I love so much)? To take the time to stop and learn who I am?
If I met, would I want to be my friend? My travel companion? My roommate, my employee, my boss, my collaborator? My lover, my lover, my husband?
Can I ask myself this question every day:
Right now, if I met, would I focus on who I am?
Then, act accordingly. What actions, words, thoughts do not please me, do not correspond to me? Is it me? How do I become my friend again?
Honestly… if I look back, no. Many times, I would never have accepted that a friend of mine would act the way I did. Not every day, not all the time. Especially on the roads of travel where everything is amplified, intensified, sometimes complicated. A perfect cocktail of emotions that can lead to many misalignments.
I improved over time. I learned to respect who I am, stay aligned, want to meet me, want to be my friend, and love myself.
I, I am myself.
Far from me wanting to be perfect, to embody the ideal. Already, because my perfection is not yours, then, because I can’t please everyone, I don’t want to please everyone… Anyway, I’m working on it. I take away from myself the – unhealthy – need to be loved by everyone. I would like to please myself. My imperfections often appeal to me.
When I groan and find the grumpy child, I make myself laugh. When I cry in anger or grief, I get emotional. When I rediscover innocence in my ignorance and sometimes in my stupidity. When I get impatient, scream, run away, I sympathize. I will continue to be my friend in many of my imperfections because that is who I am too.
Thanks to them.
To those who supported me when I couldn’t do it myself. To those who loved me when I was unable to. To those who enjoy what I hate about me. To those who stayed, when I ceased to be there for me.
To my friends, lovers, brothers and sisters in blood, heart and soul, for traveling, to my parents, thank you for being my friends and for walking with me the paths of self-love.

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