100 DAY CHALLENGE: Free your relationship with money and live on it.

A few months ago, a training organization asked me to speak about the vast, complex and almost taboo subject: daring to talk about money and getting paid as an entrepreneur.
Everyone around me was telling me about the challenge Lilou Mace launched with his exercise book. Yet, I let myself be tempted not to follow this kind of challenge and personal development notebooks!
My vision board
Coach’s tip
It’s a great way to take time for yourself, pose with your intentions, goals, and hopes, and materialize them, play with them, and use your creativity.
This year, fantastic and very pragmatic changes in perspective:
Moving: “the new Us.”
No more flying suitcases from house to house, road to road, crossing countries and continents. No more living with mom while waiting for the next departure, no more roommates and other hostels. Life together awaits me. Finally, a cocoon that looks like me at home, a haven of peace in my image…
Become… A full-time entrepreneur
Since I returned from Canada last July, I have been embarking on my own business, project, and challenge! Support everyone on their development path. As I have written, it is as tricky as it is challenging. The year of the great professional challenge is now!
I want this year to follow my path, like the serpent – God of the Australian Aborigines – which points to water, abundance, creation! “Feeling really rich” in all of these facets!
My beliefs about money
“Money is the news of war. We don’t do anything without money.”
I don’t want to see money as a struggle with life to live and exist. Thank you, dear belief, but my life and its aspects are not a battleground where blood and tears mingle for a winner and a loser.
The highlight of the week
An acquaintance posted a message this week in frustration that her date didn’t come up. She gives services free of charge. As she pointed out, these people may think that “free” means “it costs nothing”.
But it is FALSE. It takes time, energy, money, commitment. Can one be fully aware of this when only the “receiver” without giving anything in exchange (cash or other)?
Money is energy – like others – that involves and engages the energy and consciousness of people. This makes it possible to give/give, receiver/receiver. To establish a winning and balanced relationship, if happiness and satisfaction are part of the deal. Far from weighing me down, the energy of money makes me lighter.

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