The endless roads of the journey

The body is in motion. Movements of the body that moves forward and relaxes. Transition and change.

The road, the wheels. Rotation. The kilometers that go by slip by. Unwind the dry thread of landscapes in the colors of the sunlight. Land without water lets the green disappear into cracked horizons.
To push, a physical metaphor for a mental state that hopes to let go. The bodies move forward, and the spirits follow—the impulse of the living.
On land without water, where nothing grows, you have to push. To move forward, the will of the mobile state seeks life. Leave the stagnation of flesh and thoughts.
The voyage, the paths of adventure and letting go. In the direction of the unknown, I embark. I embrace life and the chaos that will present itself.
Morocco, land of fire. 2021. Coach in the Un Monde Reenchante expedition.

Marion Swar, author of the book “Hemisphères en movement” and facilitator in the development of people, to better understand one’s potential and reconnect with what is alive in us.

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