Social skills are essential!

According to a US study, the number of jobs where social skills are essential is growing faster than the number of those not.
Automation has – will – have an impact on jobs. This is a certainty that is no longer debated. An ING study shows it again: there is a negative link between the probability of automation of a function and the number of people occupying it.
Automation does not rhyme with annihilation!
Affirming the existence of an inverse link between automation and employment amounts to agreeing with the fatalists of all stripes for whom such a process signals the inevitable destruction of millions of jobs… But fortunately… All is not black in the land of a dollar (okay, it may not be an Alexandrian, but it rhymes)! The number of jobs with a high probability of automation is growing more slowly than those with a low chance of automation on the one hand. On the other hand, automation induces the emergence of new professionals.
Training and social skills
These two observations lead the researchers to conclude that the job losses induced by automation can be compensated by appropriate training and also underline the importance of soft skills or social skills such as, for example, communication and work in a team.
Good plan: a tool to evaluate your soft skills
Four training funds have grouped around the European App-side project and have developed a self-assessment tool intended for young people and covering six soft skills identified as critical. His name: Testyourselfie.

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