Social rights: which allowances for which situations?

Did you find out about all the financial aid you are eligible for? We unveil some of them to which you can claim under certain conditions.
The activity bonus
This is a monthly income supplement intended for people exercising a professional activity or receiving partial unemployment benefits and whose resources are less than 1.3 Smic. Students and apprentices can benefit from it. To find out if you are entitled to it (and how much it will be), go to the website of the Family Allowance Fund ( or the Mutualite Sociale Agricole (
Active solidarity income (RSA)
The RSA is paid to people with no resources or with meager incomes. You must be at least 25 years old to benefit from it (no age requirement is, however, required for pregnant women and people with at least one dependent child). It is possible for those under 25 who have worked for two years over the past three years to benefit from the “RSA young workers”. To check if you are entitled to RSA (and how much it will be), go to or
Family support allowance (ASF)
Raising their child alone can be relieved with financial assistance amounting to 115.99 euros per month per dependent child. To receive the ASF, no means test is required. To apply, you must complete a form and provide the supporting documents appropriate to your situation.
The specific solidarity allowance
At the end of their rights, unemployed people can benefit from ASS if they are still looking for a job, have five years of salaried activity in the ten years preceding the end of their employment contract, and have fewer resources. To 1,182.30 euros per month if they live alone or 1,857.90 € per month if they live as a couple. The daily amount of ASS is € 16.89, or € 506.70 for a 30-day month [1]. You do not have to take any steps to benefit from SSA. Pôle Emploi directly sends the forms necessary for the constitution of the ASS file to the unemployed at the end of their rights, which can benefit from it.
Youth Guarantee
This system concerns young people aged 16 to 25 in a precarious situation who cannot claim the RSA. It allows them to benefit for twelve months, renewable for six months, from support towards employment and financial assistance in an amount equivalent to the RSA. Bodies organize this system called local missions, responsible for the vocational guidance of young people.

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