In praise of love, you my madness.

For Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a reading filled with wisdom and poetry that will change your view of commitment, of the couple, and true love.

“There is a bone marrow disrespect for commitment today. Entering into the service of life is a duty of honor.
But who thought of saying it? Tell the spouses that they are leaving without a return ticket for an odyssey and that the journey will also take them through dark forests and desert steppes? and that they will experience weariness, the feeling of becoming strangers to each other and oneself? […]
Who has dreamed of telling them that only one thing will carry them: fidelity to their highest hope – to what they have been given to foresee at the moment when they loved each other the most! Let them know that this madness, this fragrance, this clairvoyance which will perhaps have lasted only the time to beat the eyelashes, is nevertheless the only rock on which a life is built and that it is fidelity to this madness – because it alone is the (dis) measure of love.”
In praise of marriage, commitment and other follies – Christiane Singer
This book has undoubtedly changed my life, allowing me to open my eyes and my heart.
I tremble with emotions
… to (re) reading those wonderfully just words that already instilled their wisdom in me last April, when I met him, and my head was guided by the fear that told me to flee and that I remain.
Remained when the winds and the tides came to strike our bodies and our hearts; put a strain on our still fragile ship, barely used to sea spray.
Remained, always,
… Because for the first time, a new, unknown, rebellious harmony resounds with vigor, the one that anchors the impulses in everyday life and the material.
One who resists, the one who persists, the one who perseveres, and who knows the value of time and patience. Second chances. The commitment.
Linked to share the same territory,
… The exact directions, the same storms, under the pale reflections of the Moon, connected to the Cosmos, which weaves our destiny in its designs.
By your side, I learn to challenge and untie the wounds of my story, you who have access to the darkness of my backstage.
I dreamed of freedom and emotional independence,
… Then, I was caught in the whirlwind of my vulnerability to you. I doubted, sometimes I gave up in secret. I thought about stopping everything, too used to throwing in the towel when the sky darkens. Still, there was this little thing that was holding me back.
Stone after stone, the tower is being built, ever more vital, evermore in tune with this new US.

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