What the web knows about you

How is your data collected? What purpose? How to protect them? We will tell you more.
How is your data collected?
In several ways. For example, when creating an account to access the services of a site or when making an online purchase, you will fill out a form asking you about your identity, your age, your addresses (postal and digital), etc.
It can also be done:
● Via cookies allow the pages you visit and the searches you carry out to be recorded. Objective: to know your purchasing intentions, affinities, etc.
● Via your browser: browsing history, download history, etc.
● Via social networks: “like” a given event, subscriptions, searches, etc.
Why is my data collected?
Collected by your browser and social networks, they will then be sold to companies that can adapt their communication to your profile. But rest assured: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force in May 2018, provides some protection. For example, companies must first obtain written, clear and explicit consent from the Internet user before processing personal data.
How to protect your data?
– Block cookies. To do this, go to your browser settings and check “Refuse cookies”;
– Use the private browsing of your browser;
– Use a VPN. The principle of a Virtual Private Network is to create an Internet connection between your computer and a virtual server, also called a tunnel (often located abroad), while end-to-end encryption of the data therein. Exchanged. It becomes impossible to identify you and even less to monitor your activity on the Internet;
– Disable GPS geolocation on your Smartphone when it is not needed.

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