How to manage your budget well when you are retired?

Happy retirement couple
Retirement is a new life that begins. To take full advantage of it, it is vital to manage your budget well. We give you some food for thought to achieve this.
After a long day of work, who has never said to themselves: “strong retirement”? Rejoice: she is here! Now it’s time for a new life, full of surprises and beautiful projects. Except that to achieve them, you will have to (continue to) properly manage your budget. This is a capital point, mainly because your cash flow will significantly decrease when you leave the working world. Two examples [1] to better understand: an employee who has been at the minimum wage all his career and whose last monthly net salary was € 1,169 will receive a net monthly pension of € 866. For his part, a salaried executive who has earned around € 4,000 gross throughout his career and whose last monthly net salary was € 4,038 will receive a net monthly pension of € 2,871.
Define your budget
Declining cash flow means changing the budget. To do this, take the time to list your daily expenses (groceries, car expenses, clothing, etc.) and your income (retirement pensions but also life insurance annuities, rents, etc.). Then, calculate the balance (all of your resources – all of your expenses) you will have left at the end of the month, taking into account income taxes, property taxes, insurance etc. If it is positive, it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to save that amount or have it as you wish. On the other hand, it will be necessary to cut back on certain expenditure items if it is negative.
Reduce your bills
Do you need a landline and a cell phone? Are you sure all the TV channels you subscribe to are required? By keeping only your cell phone and the channels you like, you will quickly be able to reduce your bills.
Why not move?
Are your children long gone? Now that you are no longer working, you do not have to stay in the accommodation you chose at the time because it was close to your office. So why not move to a smaller place, located outside of town, with a hell of a lot of savings on your rent? Or, if not, have you thought about intergenerational sharing?
Check which aid you are eligible for
Energy check, personalized autonomy allowance (APA) … The site “my social rights” offers, via an online questionnaire, to inform you about the assistance from which you can benefit. Note also that if you use personal assistance services, you will benefit from a tax credit.
Take advantage of the rates reserved for you.
The rates reserved for retirees exist in many sectors (travel, stores, museums, etc.). Do not hesitate to inform yourself and thus indulge yourself at a lower cost.

Five tips for getting over your return from a trip

1. Look for a meaning
Whether it is wanted or forced, your return is an inevitable fact. Rare are those who go from a trip to trip without ever returning to the “departure” box, home or prison…
What is the reason for your return?
What importance do you give to this reason? The weight it represents for you plays a crucial role in your vision of the comeback.
A person thrilled with their road trip but also thrilled to have found the job of their dreams, even if it is in their hometown, may have less difficulty getting through this return. She will be motivated by the cause (or purpose) of her recovery. She will find meaning in this new dynamic.
2. Create momentum
Shape a new dynamic in your image!
Be creative in this step! I cannot believe that you have traveled alone, been around the World, with all the unforeseen and sometimes hassles that this entails, without having a great dose of courage, ingenuity, resourcefulness, madness!
Prioritize your needs!
Do you need sincere and enriching relationships, which one often finds when traveling? Identify people you already know who can meet this need.
Treat yourself! Anything that gives you energy multiplies it!
Minimize the aspects that eat up your energy, or even eliminate them!
Are you tired of being surrounded by superficial people who don’t have the same interests? No one is forcing you to listen to X whine for hours on end on your shoulder or spit Y on their coworker’s back. We haven’t traveled to the other side of the World to come back and start the same life over again, without learning anything about ourselves and therefore doing as before, have we?
Identify the barriers that limit you!
I want to tell you that it took me a good dose of will, clarity and courage to go and raise these at their source! What causes us not to allow ourselves to realize our dreams, desires, and ambitions when we return home? Why don’t we believe in our projects? That we are hiding behind a role, a mask? By dint of traveling, do you travel or do you run away from something? The answers are sometimes hard to take … they are all the more powerful afterward. Personal development workshops have helped me a lot.
3. Reconnect with the World
Often, what we love when traveling are meeting strangers! The cultures, the visions, the language, the food, the discussions, everything is so different and enriches us, opens our minds! We are thirsty to learn from the other, from this stranger, again and again! Good news! The unknown is everywhere!
Why, when abroad, when strangers talk to us, do we find it cool, and as soon as we get home, do we curl up in our shells?
Otherwise, they’re still social networks;) Groups of travelers, ex-travelers, dreamers, all of your interests have a Facebook group, trust me! We know how to use them so well, so let’s take advantage of their advantages to bring us together, for real.
4. Develop your passions
Our passions define us. They tell who we are, what makes us vibrate, what we can share with the whole World, reveal our most authentic part.
Are you traveling, a passion?
Like many, I put it in the “passion” category. However, traveling is so much. Almost all of us have a way of traveling that does not ou is clean. I have met travelers who have driven more miles than I have and yet, by my worth of the trip, haven’t caught the flame of what I call “travel”. What does “travel” mean to you? Come on, in three words? Then, in one, if you can get it.
This word must resonate in you like the sound of a bell, like the first ray of sunshine which strikes the treetops, like the kiss of your lover who tickles your insides. Then?
I am sure that this word, this aspect that moves you, sets you in motion, gives you energy, and that beyond the journey, you can use it elsewhere, find it elsewhere, perhaps create it. ! For that, you will have to get out of your comfort zone, once again. But that, as a seasoned traveler, I trust you, it’s not going to be too difficult.
5. Be patient
Let us be indulgent with ourselves and those around us. Let us leave time to time. Finally, like for yet another trip, you have to land and acclimatize, rediscover culture and habits. Little by little, create around you the life you always wanted to have. I know for a fact that the meaning I give to my life remains the same, here or elsewhere.
No miracle recipe, just sincere sharing of experiences:
Maybe it won’t work that way for everyone. Maybe you are in this time of acute turbulence, where you want to be left alone, to be told that the only one The solution is to go, that the travelers who have managed to put down their suitcases are only deserters who have lost all notion of freedom, and that’s ok! I’ve been there too …

Form an “O”, be unique and one.

On the way to go, happy carpooling, I am accompanied by an English-speaking Canadian and a couple of young French people in W.H.V. We share our past, desires, culture, dreams, and lives all over the world. The two lovers have been together for almost ten years. They met in high school and never left each other. Suddenly, my mind takes me back ten years. How would my life be today if I had stayed with my childhood sweetheart? Everything is scrolling before my eyes or behind my eyes, I should say. I’m trying to imagine ourselves together today if one February morning I had decided to continue. Everything is blurring, challenging to invent, to create, to imagine the present in another aspect. It would have been different, for sure. I would never have experienced all of that, the repeated trips abroad, which made me who I am. I smile. I love my life. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.
In no time, it’s the second couple my age that I met who are celebrating their decade together. They continue to realize their dreams together, move in the same direction, and have ambition, careers, and pleasures. These two couples are traveling around the globe right now. Relentless demonstration, so it is possible!
Romance-TV profiles, scattered hearts.
I arrived in New York roommate of my childhood friend. French people in V.I.E., internships, or looking for experience. Reverse diagram of couples on the verge of drift, separated by distance, language, culture, their ambitions. The stories of girls around a raclette, a glass of red in hand, follow one another and are similar. I passed my turn. I have nothing to say. Finally, my year of celibacy comforts me after hearing the laments of their little heart hurt, misunderstood, lost, tied up. Dilemma and betrayal, no thanks, I already gave.
I have been through this so many times, and I can only understand them. Yet I feel deep down that the stories I have experienced and heard tire and add me just thinking about it. Spend hours rereading each text after an argument, asking myself if I should answer, throwing him yet another pole; these endless discussions where everyone justifies themselves and stands on their ego. Manage physical, emotional, mental distance. I was feeling taken hostage, forced to bow to my desires, my ambitions, my values, to bow my back to restart the machine of love against all odds. This is all over.
A year of celibacy where I sought to complete who I am on my own.
As the novel “The Prophecy of the Andes” goes so well, we think that we are a “C” that will complement each other as soon as another “C” merges with us. Together we believe we form a whole, an “O”, a continuous circle. Thus, we are only complete through the other, exclusively through the other. As soon as the first tensions arise, we think of losing our union. As soon as the other leaves, part of us is missing. We became again an incomplete and dissatisfied half, torn and hollowed out. Whereas the reason for “being” is to find our own “O” within ourselves. Regardless of each other, To be one’s “everything”, be a fluid, balanced, infinite circle for oneself. Thus, we share our wholeness and become complementary because we exchange being whole individually and collectively. Alone and together. We were separated and reunited.
To complete in itself the part of the missing “C,” we need to be inspired, guided, accompanied by others.
All along the way, the construction towards our fulfilled being is plural and multiple. It is a long way from my “I don’t need anyone” phase of revolt. From my travels, I realized that I needed everyone. However, these other “C’s” will never be a part of me aiming to come and satisfy my need for togetherness within my individuality. “I am born alone, I live alone, I die alone”. I can be surrounded throughout my life by hundreds of people and yet feel as lonely as if I were lost in the middle of a desert.
Find the flame that is mine.
In the depths of the “C” missing in each of us is a particular light that distinguishes us and unites us within ourselves. Form an “O” to give me the serenity of being unique and one. Form an “O” to give unity to those around me. Show them this light that animates me, a singular and distinct glow. Offer them my differences, my balance, my power.
You are not by my side to complete me with a void but to accompany me with what you are as a whole.
I don’t need you to support me. You are not the crutch that I will lean on to move forward, at the risk of falling if you leave. You don’t need to put your bricks in place of the ones I miss. I don’t need you to live. I choose to live with you. I decided to exchange our shadows and our lights. Our joys and our wounds. To feed myself. To share. To share. Vibrate with standard energy. To enter into communion. Love yourself.
I choose to love you because you make a space vibrate in me where I feel myself spreading my wings towards even more authenticity, simplicity, freedom, power. You are my friend. You are my inspiration. You are a stranger. You are my lover. You are my lover. You are my collaborator. You are my boss, you are you. But you are not my life. I am in life. I am the life for me and for me.
I choose myself.
I choose to keep this current of energy that sets me apart from you in times when we no longer find each other. I prefer to preserve the life in me in these moments when your vibrations call my inner demons. I choose to continue to resonate with this life in me if you are no longer there. I pick myself if the “we” burn our respective wholeness. I prefer to recognize what I am, independently of you, independently of us. I am.
Maybe it will take months, if not years, before I can share who I am with someone who has that same vision of a relationship before being ready to live it entirely too. Not to let my fears, my emotional and mental patterns take over. Life has continued to teach me and guide me through my encounters and experiences to come and complete my own “C”. So far, everything has come together perfectly. I’m not afraid; when I’m complete and ready, another completed, whole, distinct “C” will come to me to share our sets.

5 Tips for a Zen move

A move is a great project, a promise of a new life, but it is also an ordeal to pass. Here are some tips for a stress-free move.
The secret: anticipation
The list of things to do for a move is long: paperwork, sorting and packing, choosing a professional mover, finding available friends, and renting a vehicle…
Our advice: start planning a month or even two months if you are in the high season.
Find the best date for your move.
Of course, the date of your move will depend on your personal and professional constraints. Remember to avoid specific dates: the day before leaving on vacation, market or garage sale days, the municipal festival!! Also, remember to warn your friends, especially if you plan to ask them.
Inform your neighbors, current and future
You won’t be able to avoid making noise, crowding the street or hallway, or using the elevator often. Better to warn your neighbors. They will be more indulgent and give you a better welcome.
Remember to reserve a parking space for the truck.
Arriving at the bottom of your building or in front of your new home and not knowing where to park while driving a truck can also be stressful and cause you to fall far behind.
Remember to reserve a parking space and request the necessary authorizations from the municipality or the condominium.
Plan the budget without forgetting the hidden costs
For a studio, the average budget for a move through a professional can be between € 350 and € 650 (1). The funding can even reach up to € 1,800 for a four-room apartment.
The cost of a move depends on several factors:
The volume will determine the size of the truck, the time spent, and the number of arms needed
The distance between the two places of residence
The number of floors and the presence or absence of an elevator
The packing or not of your belongings and the dismantling and assembly of your furniture
In case you move on your own, think about the costs of tolls, fuel, utility rental, not to mention refueling for your friends who will have deserved it!!
And finally, termination and installation expenses (mail transfer, technicians travel for the supply of water or electricity, etc.) must also be included in the costs. This is why we talk about the “hidden costs” of a movie!

The 10 (best) tips for saving money every day

Save money
Save 10 to 20% of your income every month, mission impossible? We give you ten tips to achieve this.
1 – Avoid compulsory shopping
There is nothing wrong with doing yourself good, the saying goes. However, for the survival of your wallet, it is sometimes necessary to put an end to your impulses to buy. To achieve this, start by asking yourself this question whenever you want to buy something: “Do I really need it?” If you are unsure, wait a day or two before pulling out your bank card. This may be enough time to help you realize that this purchase that you thought was essential is ultimately not that much.
2 – track promotions
The best way to be informed of current or upcoming promotions is to subscribe to newsletters from your favorite brands and brands. Regarding online shopping, try to get discount codes that will significantly reduce your bill. To find them, type directly in your search engine “reduction code” + “the name of the brand or the site” which interests you.
3 – walk and pedal
Instead of hitting your car out of the garage all the time – which will cost you a small fortune in gasoline in the long run – use your legs if the place you need to be is less than a mile away. Between 2 and 10 km, get on your bike. Beyond that, get behind the wheel, carpool, or, if possible, use public transport.
4 – Sort through your subscription
One word of caution: terminate all those you rarely use! You will realize significant savings very quickly.
5 – Avoid letting the water run unnecessarily
It may seem obvious. Yet, many of us let the water run while brushing our teeth or washing the dishes. However, an open tap for one minute delivers a minimum of 12 liters [1] of water. Or the equivalent of 8 bottles.
6 – Make your everyday products
Why buy detergent, dishwashing liquid, but also shampoo or toothpaste (or even clothes or decorative items) when you can make them yourself at a lower cost? We will tell you how in this article.
7 – Repair instead of throwing away
Nothing is thrown away, and everything is repaired. Clothing, electronic devices, washing machines… It will cost you less to give them a second life rather than replacing them. Above all, since January 1, 2021, the law requires manufacturers to indicate to what extent the device they sell is repairable through a rating ranging from 0 (for those impossible to repair) to 10 (for the easiest to fix). Repair). While this repairability index [2] currently only concerns five types of devices (laptops, smartphones, window washers, televisions and lawnmowers), it is an excellent way to help you make your choices.
8 – Go to the libraries
Not only will you find something to satisfy all your reading desires, but you will also avoid overloading your shelves…
9 – Compare prices
Get into the habit of reviewing your contracts (energy suppliers, insurance, mutual funds, etc.) every year to benefit from the best offer.
10 – Take advantage of free access to sports equipment
Most cities and towns provide their citizens with many free access sports facilities: football fields, rugby stadiums, athletics tracks, etc. You will inevitably find what you are looking for without having to put your hand in your pocket.